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premium hospitality is BLAQ© 

BLAQ© premium hospitality is the exclusive brand of cinnamon GmbH and only available on personal invitation. Your individual access to BLAQ© premium area on the web you´ll get in a personal appointment with Mr. CEO Jens Ortel. 

With BLAQ © premium hospitality to a new era of guest care! Premium hospitality on eye level with the guest. All BLAQ © premium hospitality employees have undergone high quality training series and are well prepared for the highest quality care for discerning guests. A high level of education, multilingualism, discretion, timeless elegance, top styled appearance and professional approach to an international audience - that's BLAQ © premium hospitality.


"we are ladies and gentlemen - who serve their guests on eye level"

(Jens Ortel - CEO cinnamon GmbH)


BLAQ© premium hospitality

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we provide premium hospitality with ...

...highest quality

BLAQ© premium hospitality staff meet the highest level of all quality requirements ...

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...highest education

BLAQ© premium hospitality staff invariably have top educations ...

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...highest competence

BLAQ© premium hospitality staff go through a specially developed traning program ...

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...highest elegance

BLAQ© premium hospitality staff enchant with timeless and understated elegance ...

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